My two hours of googling will never beat your years of professional experience.

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If anything, my responsibilities have only multiplied over the years.

It’s known as ‘sandbagging’, and it’s when you reduce expectations, knowing very well that you will exceed them.

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It takes three kinds of people to get a job done.

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  1. Thinkers connect ideas, find themes and build compelling visions.
  2. Planners turn visions into practical and pragmatic steps.
  3. Doers are the experts who turn ideas and plans into physical (or virtual) products.

Knowing where you are is the first step to going someplace else.

They work just as well for personal and professional growth.

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How I stopped my dysfunctional habits from hurting my team.

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Here’s the one thing that separates great leaders from go-getters.

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Because nobody owes you diddly squat.

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And that’s exactly what I didn’t do.

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And don’t tell me it’s any different at your house.

  • 78% of the companies that started…

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I do my best work at night when I can work without interruption.

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Confusing habits for routines.


My life’s mission is to help you achieve success at work by doing fewer things better.

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