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Every decision we make is a tradeoff.

We want to have things and behave in ways that help us realise our…

And not just the pace at which you go through your day

It’s hilarious that it’s taken me 32 years to learn just how blissfully unaware I was of my backend.

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Little did I know that was only occasionally true

In his…

Reading stories of superstar CEOs and their genius inventors don’t make you more innovative. It pushes the reality of innovation past our cognitive horizon.

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Organisations don’t follow the laws of physics, but if they did, these two rules would make the cut.

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  1. Measuring performance by activity leads to overwork at the same time as your most important work remains undone.
  2. Any available time that…

Post-2020 hierarchies are being scrapped. And there’s no turning back from two years of flexible work.

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Companies looking to attract and retain talented people need to offer more choices in projects, work hours and locations.

Tech companies and agencies have had a head start in managing a flexible talent pool.

Practising these techniques will foster an for learning together and winning together.

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My two hours of googling will never beat your years of professional experience.

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My life’s mission is to help you achieve success at work by doing fewer things better.

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